Containment Isolators


Extract Technology containment solutions operate under negative pressure HEPA-filtered air to protect the operator from exposure to potent materials. Our Extract Technology brand downflow booths provide operator protection from breathable dusts during such activities as drum dispensing, sampling and subdivision. Our pack-off systems are used to safely offload powder products into drums or IBCs. For highly potent and cytotoxic materials, Walker Barrier Systems custom designs negative pressure isolators to suit the process and any integrated equipment.

Aseptic Isolators


Extract Technology aseptic isolators operate under positive pressure HEPA filtered air to protect the product from external contamination. Airflow can be turbulent or unidirectional. Turbulent airflow is typically used in sterility testing isolators and can also be used in transfer isolators, autoclave interface isolators, oven isolators etc. Unidirectional airflow must be used during processes where particulate control is required such as liquid filling. Aseptic isolators are designed to be decontaminated. Walker Barrier Systems custom designs aseptic isolators to suit the process and any integrated equipment.

Downflow Booths


Clean air from the ceiling plenum is distributed evenly across the whole of the work area pushing any respirable dust generated downward and away from the operators breathing zone. As the dust moves down to a low level, the high velocity exhaust grilles direct the dust into the filters. The onboard filtration system comprising of a minimum of fine dust filters and HEPA filters, removes the dust before returning the clean air into the ceiling plenum. A small amount of air is exhausted after the filters thereby creating a slight negative environment. Inward air movement into the Booth at low level ensures containment.

Mobile Clean Rooms


Extract Technology Mobile Clean Rooms are designed to provide a certain air classification within the processing space. Both utilize unidirectional airflow to meet the desired air classification. The Mobile Clean Room is a single-piece construction designed and built at Walker Barrier Systems and shipped to your site.